Record to Tape - online access to a professional tape machine

Otari MTR90 VU meters
what is record to tape?

Online access to a professional tape machine.
Simply upload your tracks creating a session.
One of our engineers then downloads the files and records to our tape machine.
(an Otari MTR90 MkII using SM 900 tape)
We then re-digitise the audio and return to you.

what does it cost?

You are essentially paying for tape & studio time.
A tape machine has 24 mono tracks.
We count the time in seconds.
(e.g. uploading a "mix" - usually a stereo file - will count as 2 tracks).
So uploading 4 stereo-groups @ 4 minutes long = 8 tracks and 240 seconds.

Use this simple calculator for an estimate

# of tracks
duration (in seconds)
Estimated cost


(if you upload files to our server - we analyse them and give you the exact final cost before checkout)
why use record to tape?

Owning a tape machine is both expensive and complicated.
Let us make that easier for you!
We believe it sounds better (read here and here).
You don't have to change your current work flow.
Continue to record and edit within your exisiting digital system.
Only send your work to us when you want that "tape sound".

how do I use record to tape?

You need to export your mixes, stereo-groups or mulitracks as either WAV or AIFF files, place them into a folder and then "zip" it (do for each song).
Then you can upload each "zipped" song creating a session.
(sample rate from 44.1KHz and upto 192KHz - ideally 24 bit)

When exporting files as multitracks or stereo-groups make sure all the files start from the same place. Otari MTR90 VU meters

Do not export audio files like below (same project before stems were consolidated). Otari MTR90 VU meters

When we return your files you can simply drop back into the project and they will be aligned to the same place as original stems you sent us (like above)

If you're still confused about "stems" or "multi tracks" then please read this.

If you have any more questions then simply contact us
or start a chat with icon in bottom right corner.

Record to Tape - online access to a professional tape machine!